Ring Of Thunder

Ring Of Thunder Issue 100 - Thunder Rangers Turbo 6: The Great Asgardian Bash 3: Don’t Stop BeLIVing

July 22, 2022

And we're back!  Sexy Thor returns with a vengeance with previews for Summerslam and Pro Wrestling Turbo's Bring The Noise event with some usual banter and podcast exclusive section with Sexy Thor and Lightning Lad sounding off after Turbo's 4th anniversary event back in May and we even have thoughts from the offspring of Lightning Lad!  That's a can't miss discussion right there.

In case you heard rumors of the Thunderverse's demise, let me reassure you: as long as the storm still rages, the thunder will always be heard.

#thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4Elite Squad

Special thanks to James Moser of The Fall Horsemen for the DOPE new logo.  Stalk him(and the rest of the Horsemen, including Spooky Thor/Hollywood Thor/whatever) on the socials, search thefallhorsemen on Facebook and Twitter and just fallhorsemen on Instagram and of course the YouTube channel to see all our faces.

Find Ring Of Thunder on YouTube and major podcatchers if you must.  I'll stick with audio I SUPPOSE until I decide on a whim to move to video only.

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